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Securely Record Your Life Story

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A glimpse of the past—with a futuristic scanner!

Love reminiscing with film negatives and slides from yesteryear? With the Digital Film Scanner, you can view, edit and convert your old photos, no tech savvy necessary! This easy yet elegant 22MP scanner delivers crisp, clear, beautiful images with the press of a button. Best of all, there’s no straining to see. Watch old memories come to life on the large 5” LCD screen with extra wide viewing angle and gallery mode—perfect for previewing pictures, or for using the scanner as a desktop photo frame!

Unlike other frustrating scanners that require you to remove the tray and reposition slides each time, our easy-load insert system allows for continuous feeding, speeding up the scanning process significantly. In addition to the main 50mm slide holder, three adapters are also provided for compatibility with 135, 110 and 126mm films. You can finally skip the stressful software and complicated onboard buttons—and simply scan!

Please note you must have an SD card to operate this unit. it is NOT Included